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Ferrex Expanded Mesh Metal Products

As the pioneer manufacturer and distributor of expanded metal mesh products, Technics enjoys unrivalled expertise and understanding of expanded metal production techniques, capabilities and applications.

Technics manufactures a wide range of expanded metal products to meet the growing market demand. We have advanced technology machines that enable us to produce cost effective and high quality products.

Expanded Mesh and Metal is formed from a metal plate, pressed, sheared and stretched, which creates a diamond-shaped hole surrounded by interlinked bars of the metal. In the expanded opening, the diamond truss formation adds rigidity and strength. The greatest advantage of expanded metal is usually the fact that it is cheaper than most other metal substitutes. It is permanent, decorative and takes many kinds of finishes.

Metal Beads

The application and installation of Ferrex beads should be in accordance with BS 5492:1990 Code of Practice for internal plastering and BS 5262:1991 Code of Practice for external renderings. Ferrex beads should be fixed at a nominal 600mm spacing by embedding with dabs of the same material used for the undercoat or corrosion resistant galvanised nails for galvanized bead and stainless steel nails for stainless steel bead.

Use one of the following methods to fix Ferrex angle beads and plaster stop beads: 1. Using galvanized or stainless steel nails (compatible with bead material) fixed at a maximum of 600mm apart. When nailing to a solid background the line of the bead will follow the line of the background.

2. Press the bead onto dabs of the same material as the undercoat; dabs should be applied at a maximum of 600mm apart. This method will even out minor irregularities in the line of the background, although the line of the bead will tend to generally follow the line of the background.

3. When beads are used with metal lath backgrounds, galvanised or stainless steel tying wire may be used to secure the beads in position. All wires should be twisted tightly and the ends bent away from the finished face of the coating.


Expanded Metal Lath is widely used as a plastering base for reinforcement against cracks. It is used to provide a bond between dissimilar materials and at crack-prone areas adjacent to openings. It is used for internal and external plaster when applied on suspended ceilings and walls. It is also suitable for encasing steel columns and beams, assisting in the protection from fire. In external applications where there is regular exposure to, heavy condensation, persistent damp or concered that drying out timesmay be extended, stainless steel should be used.

– Ferrex plaster mesh lath comprises of sheet lath, strip lath and coil lath produced according to the required sizes. – Strip Lath and Coil Lath are exactly the same in characteristics, except length. – Width of mesh up to 1000mm. – Weight per square meter varies from 0.60 kg/m2 to 2.00 kg/m2

MATERIAL: Galvanized Steel for internal walls. Stainless Steel for external walls and walls with more moisture contacts. Stainless Steel Grades 316 / 316L are advisable for locations within a marine environment RECOMMENDED SIZE: 150mm to 300mm medium or heavy duty according to plaster thickness. 600/700/800 x 2.5m sheet for covering wide area

Fixing of Expanded Metal Lathing Sheets

Fix with the long way of mesh running from support to support, with all strands sloping downwards and inwards from the face of the coating. Always ensure when fixing that allowance is made for overlapping sheets by 50mm lengthways and 25mm width ways.

To Solid Background

Expanded Metal Lath can be fixed to a solid background using a suitable integral spacer/washer and large diameter headed screw/nail that will keep the sheets firmly in place.

Fixing Expanded Metal Lathing to Solid Backgrounds

Block Work Mesh

Expanded metal mesh type is used as an anti-crack reinforcement in the design and construction of brick and block masonry. It is generally provided at areas of high stress concentration to dissipate these stresses to areas of low stress. A typical example would be at a point where the section of the wall changes, such as at a door or window opening. The cracking of masonry due to changes in temperature, changes in moisture content and settlement of foundations can all be controlled by the use of block reinforcement. Block Work reinforcement mesh should be used in every second course of a wall. Combinations of different widths of reinforcement mesh may be used to suit any wall thickness.

Galvanised for internal use & Stainless steel for external use

Wall Ties


Ferrex Frame cramps are an ideal solution where a restraint is required between masonry and sructures. They can be fixed to a range of materials including concrete, steelwork and masonry.


The 06mm hole (as in FLPS) or 6mmx18mm slot (as in FLPT) in the standard 30mm upstand (other upstand height available upon request) is provided for attaching the frame cramp to the vertical structure and the other end is embedded to the masonry.

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