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Drywall Partition System

FERREX Dry Wall Partition System :

As the name implies, drywall is a dry construction method to build walls which are faster to construct and much lighter. The system consisting of GI steel frame, encased with Gypsum Plasterboards on either side attached through self-drilling drywall screws.

Technics Middle East is market leading manufacturer and supplier of GI stud and track for drywall partition system. The stud and track are manufactured with Galvanized steel in accordance with BS and ASTM standards and available in standard sizes, as well as customized sizes as per customer requirement.


  • Light weight systems – 8 to 10 times lighter than conventional systems like Brick / Block work.
  • Faster construction – Five to eight times faster.
  • Smooth finish, aesthetically beautiful crack free surfaces.
  • Flexibility in terms of modifications and refurbishment at some point in time.
  • Excellent performance in terms of fire protection and sound insulation.
  • Green and recyclable product.
  • Dry construction – clean, dry and dust free work environment.

All these benefits packaged in one system are a rare combination and they give architects the flexibility in designing spaces of the future. Over 80 per cent of all interior construction in the developed countries across all applications is with drywalls.


Vertically fit the stud into the track. The maximum distance between studs 610mm. Gypsm boards may be screwed on nailed on the both flanges, Both flanges have slide points to prevent projecting screws from sliding while fixing the gypsm board.


The track may be fixed on the surface of ceiling and floor by gunpowder nailing. Choose the track of different width according to the thickness of wall. Better not fix the gypsum boards on the tracks to prove a possible displacement preventing the crack and damage of wall while earthquake happens.

Deep Track

The Deep Track used for portions with heights exceeding 4.2m, or at the soffit where a Extra head required.

Extra Deep Track

Extra Deep Track is designed for application where moreHead is needed. This allows for the floor beams or decks above interior partitions.

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